Welcome to the blog post of Christopher Barnett 2018

Welcome to my website, which is dedicated to free speech.  I have an amazing way of writing things, in which its meant to offend to prove a point.  For the last four years, my husband, George Barnett and myself have been victims of The University of Tulsa and their bigoted, racist ways.  Lots of files and its no surprise that The University of Tulsa has filed motions in Federal Court trying to censor my free speech.  To gain attention to the discrimination and injustices we’ve faced, I’ve had to make my speech so offensive to make people read and discover how corrupt The University of Tulsa is.  Here’s the cool thing… people make the choice to read it… they can’t put it down… but TU still complains because they can’t control it and everything I’ve said is true.  If you are offended by my speech, don’t read it.  The one thing I ask you to do is tell a solider Thank You for their service that guarantees every person in the USA has the right to free speech.  I don’t mind upsetting the establishment who thinks The University of Tulsa is soooo great.  They aren’t.  The University of Tulsa has had their credit rating downgraded due to falling enrollment numbers.  The University of Tulsa has failed to listen to its students and has failed to change its corrupt Administration.  University of Tulsa Senior Vice Provost Winona Tanaka is the biggest fraud at The University of Tulsa.  Tanaka has a big fancy title but in reality it should be Senior Vice Bully to Main head bully Roger Blais.  Tanaka knew of Alcohol being provided to underage students but did nothing about it.  Tanaka perhaps did nothing about it as it was one of the ways professors, such as Machele Dill could get underage students drunk and have sex with them.

Chris supports his second amendment right by bearing arms and yes, that is a beautiful AR-15… the stupid libtards had a fit about this photo and yes, no clip is in this picture as it was taken inside and as a general rule of safety, Chris never keeps a clip in any of his more than 30 legally owned semi-automatic guns inside. Chris plans to give away 5 AR-15’s or more a week once his election campaign is up and running… legally of course. Chris stated that in his opinion, every non libtard Citizen in Oklahoma should own an AR-15.  The people you don’t want owning AR-15’s are the crazy liberals.  We call them crazy liberals for a reason.  On Chris’s right side is a Sig 1911 45 and it is quite a beauty.  Chris enjoys having a large gun collection and it’s one of his many hobbies.  All firearms are legally owned and yes, Chris goes through the back ground check every single time and passes with flying colors.  Chris owns more than 78 hand guns and started acquiring them after his husband and businesses were threatened by people who thought it was okay for Michael Cunt, a dead TU student who spread HIV everywhere.  Chris spoke out for the victims that Michael Cunt gave HIV to everywhere and when the liberals didn’t like the truth being spoken, Liberals like Daniel Howell then threatened to “Shoot and kill” everyone at the stores Chris and his husband own, as well as “Firebomb” both stores.  Chris followed the law and sought a Protective order to stop terrorist Daniel Howell from carrying out his threats.  Daniel Howell remains a threat to this day to Chris and his husband.


Snowflake Buttercup Liberal John Lackey is married to a Dr. Stacy Lackey.  Please be sure not to support this person as they support bigotry and racism.  She is guilty by association.  She is married to a racist and bigot, so therefore under TU’s standards, this makes her ultimately responsible for her husbands actions and poor choices so she is also racist and bigoted and homophobic.  Please be sure to leave her a review.

The law firm of Hall Estill, Patrick Cremin, Johnathan Rogers and The University of Tulsa have been served with a “SLAPP” action today.

Hall Estill, University of Tulsa, Johnathan Rogers, Patrick Cremin served with a SLAPP ACTION to protect FREE SPEECH


My Motion for Protective Order to stop TU and Hall Estill from illegally using my copyright.  Cunt J. Patrick Cremin, Cunt Johnathan Rogers, Cunt John David Lackey, Cunt Phil Richards all have used my copyrighted material illegally and for commercial use, without permission and without paying me.  These are the most dishonest crooks in Tulsa!   I am using the word CUNT because I don’t find it offensive but others might.  I’m not a snowflake like John Lackey who has to have a safe space to think.

Winona Tanaka is a CUNT..  Susan Barrett is a nasty CUNT.Tara Moses is a nasty Cunt.  John Lackey is a Nasty Cunt.

February 20, 2018:  I sued The University of Tulsa, The law of firm of Hall Estill, Johnathan Rogers & Patrick Cremin for violating my civil rights and then they go and do it again and they keep violating my copy right.    I’m going to sue them and it’ll take years but they need to be held accountable.

Update: February 19, 2018:  Thieving Tulsa Attorney John Lackey, along with Thieving Patrick Cremin, Jonathan Rogers and their clients The University of Tulsa, as well as their additional counsel at the law firm of Richards & Connor have all stolen from me.  They have infringed on my copyrighted material without paying me for it or obtaining my permission.  John Lackey signed an affidavit verifying that he did this.  Now I’m not talking about just claiming a copyright, I have actually paid the Government the fees required to copyright my work.  How is all of this going to play out?  With Corrupt Kern, we have no idea.  Corrupt Judge Kern is in an interesting spot.  Is TU lying or did he lie? TU just keeps digging in deeper.

Update: February 18, 2018:  Corrupt Lying John Lackey continues his attempts to censor free speech.  John Lackey has no integrity at all.  He hopped on the band wagon with The University of Tulsa in bullying and harassing TU’s victims.  All of corrupt Lackey’s filings are an attempt to distract from the truth.  They are trying to make a bigger issue out of my speech than the actual lawsuit and why The University of Tulsa and corrupt Hall Estill, corrupt J. Patrick Cremin, Corrupt Johnathan Rogers were all sued by me.   They do a great job at distracting but I think it is making it worse for them because everyone is now paying attention to how they are behaving.  It doesn’t matter what I say, no one really cares about that.  They care more about how a University, The University of Tulsa conducts them self and they question if The University of Tulsa is an honest place that they can send their child to.  My postings show that The University of Tulsa is dishonest, unsafe and corrupt.  The University of Tulsa has lost all integrity and TU donors and alumni are starting to see the clear picture.  Donations and enrollment numbers are down.  TU’s credit rating was downgraded.  This is the sign of a University Failing.  I’ve said from the state that The University of Tulsa will not be able to stay open long, despite their pledged donations.  The University of Tulsa is overpriced, corrupt, dishonest, run by liars.  If you do business with The University of Tulsa you are accepting dirty, dishonest money from The University of Tulsa.  John Lackey hates America and is trying to overturn free speech and trying to disguise it as something else.  This is a University that will stop at nothing to harm anyone who speaks out about their corruption.



“Someone asked me to describe the attorneys trying to censor free speech for The University of Tulsa and Hall Estill.   I call them liberal hacks that are idiots and have no respect for our constitution with their extremist radical elitist attempts to censor free speech.”


They are asking the Government, to regulate free speech.  Look at this bullshit.


REGULATE… aka… control aka CENSOR FREE SPEECH!!!



Just more public records.  These are readily available to anyone on the Tulsa County Land Records website.  Nothing illegal about publishing this information.  It is 100% free speech.  This is another attorney who made an entry of appearance today.  Again, nothing wrong with publishing public info, but they claim it is.  Also, why did they feel the need to censor the word CUNT?  CUNT is not a bad word. How can the court assume what they mean when they write C**T  it could be CORT or CART or CURT or CUNT, CULT, COST, CUST, CUTT.




Here is Snowflake Buttercup John Lackey’s latest whining.  another snowflake lackey frivilous filing  BTW all of these things are available on the pacer.gov website and available to anyone.  They are trying to circumvent the process.  No surprise.  This is what corrupt people do to try to silence their critics.


Who is lying?  The University of Tulsa or The Honorable Judge Terence Kern?


Motion for Judge Kern to Recuse

Kern order on TU name and gift  Judge Kern says one thing, The University of Tulsa says another.  Who is telling the truth?  Could TU for the first time ever be telling the truth?  Or did Judge Kern mislead the public on the lawsuit filed by Abigail Ross when her counsel asked him to step down?

Judge Terence Kerns name on building at University of Tulsa  Judge Terence Kern and his wife both have their name on the TU building.  It also appears that both Judge Kern and his wife not only paid $16,000.00 for a $100k life insurance policy to be donated to TU as he claims, but it appears they continue giving to TU.  There is nothing wrong with donating to a place you love, but when you mislead and perhaps lie to the public, as a Federal Judge, you are held to the highest standards possible.  We look to Judge Kern to set an example and do the right thing.  Will he?  I don’t think he did the right thing with Ms. Ross.  I hope he does the right thing and recuse himself.  The University of Tulsa poisoned the well already and there is no way he can hear this case with out questions being raised.  I don’t think he is impartial or unbiased.  I appreciate his ruling on same sex marriage, but when it comes to The University of Tulsa, I think he needs to recuse.  Every case he has heard for TU he has always found for The University of Tulsa.  It’s no wonder The University of Tulsa tried to do everything possible to poison the well.   I understand supporting your spouses love for things.  I tried to do this by creating No Censorship Productions and tried to lease space from Tulsa Community College to support my husbands love for theater, but The University of Tulsa conspired to deprive us of leasing space from Tulsa Community College.  To this day, The University of Tulsa, Hall Estill, Johnathan Rogers, J. Patrick Cremin are still conspiring illegally to harm Chris and Trey Barnett.  The whole reason I continue to pursue and defend everything is because we have both been discriminated against, our civil rights violated and the discrimination and harm from the Defendants The University of Tulsa, Hall Estill, Johnathan Rogers, J. Patrick Cremin continues to this very day.  The University of Tulsa has unjustly enriched themselves.  They have kept Trey’s money and they actually think they are entitled to it.  They didn’t provide what they promised.  Trey filed suit and NO RELIEF from the court to this day.  The University of Tulsa has boasted about how they were going to harm my husband for my free speech.  They gloated about his transcript being marked.  The racist, bigoted Winona Tanaka thought she was doing something great.  She bullied the wrong people.  Neither myself, nor my husband have done anything wrong.  We will defend the lawsuits we have filed against all parties to the end and exhaust every appeal necessary if its not found in our favor.  I would like to get depositions from Pat Cremin and Johnathan Rogers, along with the employees involved from TU.  I will not agree to sign any protective order and nothing will be kept quiet or secret from the public.  The public has the right to know.

Ross Letter to Judge Terence Kern seeking his Recusal  This was a letter sent in another lawsuit against The University of Tulsa in which the same things as above were pointed out but no one was aware that Judge Terence Kern had his name on a TU building at that time.


Response to Gag Order by TU

Finally, let me point out where my website ranks when you search John Lackey Tulsa.  This is due to John Lackey trying to censor me.  Thanks for the free publicity and free boost in page visits.

John Lackey didn’t think about his actions before he made a frivolous filing with the Federal Court. He has to deal with it now for the next 10 years as this will come up for a long, long time.

February 13, 2018:  Snowflake Buttercup John Lackey keeps ringing the court, demanding to speak to the Judge, telling the clerk… The Judge owes me and TU.  Lackey is so nervous he’s biting his nails.  He sees that Chris Barnett has updated her Google Review of his firm.  Lackey then tries to search hard, to find some way to justify censorship.  He thought he had it before, but he knows even if he gets a Federal Judge to actually sign his order, it won’t last long and will garner national attention.  Lackey soon realizes that his filing, his own actions could end his career and make him the laughing stock of the Tulsa Profession.  As Snowflake Buttercup Lackey sobs in his office, Winona Tanaka calls him to comfort him and assure him that he’ll always have TU as a client and he shouldn’t worry….to be continued.

Update on Snowflake, Corrupt, Racist, Bigoted Tulsa Attorney John Lackey:  The entire reason for Lackey’s frivolous as he admits to my counsel is because I wrote a Google review.  Snowflake, get used to it.  Here is a picture of Snowflakes filings in Federal Court.  Tell me, is this really a threat of Snowflake, corrupt, racist, bigoted John Lackey trying to censor me and make the court prejudiced towards me?  Lackey told an amazing story full of lies in his motion to dismiss.  I thought Trey did all of those things?  I wish they could get their lies right.  I need to depose John Lackey now.  He is a witness and he should not represent The University of Tulsa since he became a witness.

Here are links as promised.  The University of Tulsa will work hard to try to shut down my website and censor me, so please download these files and publish them everywhere.  I have not violated any illegal protective order.  All files were already published online.  They were not published by me or Trey.  Steven Terrill admitted to violating the illegal protective order TU had put in place by their employee Professor/Judge Cantrell.  With this new information, we now have evidence of retaliation, civil rights violations, criminal actions, collusions and more than enough to file a RICO suit against The University of Tulsa, Tulsa Community College, Hall Estill, Johnathan Rogers and J. Patrick Cremin.  After suit is filed, if we find others were involved, we will take legal action against them as well.  This may take 10 more years, however I assure you that it’s not going away until we hold each and every person responsible.



It is no secret that J. Patrick Cremin is suffering from early stages of Dementia.  This is evidenced by his filings.  He files one thing, then files another thing in the same exactly lawsuit that is the opposite of what he just filed.




New Domain to help everyone access this page easier.  www.snowflakejohnlackey.com 







Here is my most recent update on my review of Corrupt John Lackey.  lackey’s filings show a very desperate man, willing to trample the first amendment to achieve censorship.   Has John Lackey done anything illegal yet?

Perhaps Trey should amend his lawsuit against TU to include The Hobbs Act.  TU stole his money and try to extort him.

University of Tulsa Attorney John Lackey files an “Emergency Motion for Hearing” with the Federal Court seeking to stop Chris Barnett from publishing comments that he finds offensive.  What a snow flake!  An attorney wants to do away with the 1st amendment.  He belongs in North Korea, not the USA!!!    John Lackey filed an affidavit and has now made himself a witness.  I’m asking that he be disqualified from representing The University of Tulsa.  More than ever, we need to get the petition filed to impanel a Grand Jury to investigate TCC, TU, Hall Estill and more!

Here are the frivolous motions filed by Corrupt Attorney John Lackey in his attempts to cover up the wrong doing of his client, The University of Tulsa.  By his own filings, he proves that he is corrupt, a bigot and racist.

Snowflake John Lackey’s frivolous filing

Dowdell, another Lackey Snow Flake frivolous filing.

Corrupt Kern

Another Snowflake Lackey

Snowflake Lackey publishes his own home address  Why make a court filing complaining about a public record being published that is available to the public, only to make it more available to the public???  Just more intimidation from The University of Tulsa and Snowflake Lackey.

Lackey Google Review  Here, Snowflake Lackey complains about Barnett’s free speech and posting on Google.

Snowflake 94 page filing of my website  This is one of the many filings the very sensitive snowflake Tulsa Attorney John Lackey made today.  It’s so sad that this person claims he’s an educated man.  I think his lack of education is showing through by his filings.

Snowflake lies/Perjury  Snowflake John Lackey makes a claim that everything I’ve said is untrue.  I hope to take testimony from him on this affidavit.


snowflake Lackey’s order to stifle free speech  I have to question this persons masculinity.  I think he’s trying to prove how dumb he is.

they really want corrupt kern Wow!  To prove how right I am, they make a filing about Judges and why they should not recuse.  This shows how bad The University of Tulsa wants Judge Kern on their case.  Of course they want him on the case because they gifted he and his wife their name on a building.  The University of Tulsa, along with Corrupt John Lackey continue to try to violate the rights of anyone who disagrees with them.

From my reading of Snowflake Attorney John Lackey’s filing, he is taking the step of filing a motion on behalf of the court, thus making Judge Kern a witness, along with all Federal Judges in Tulsa.  Snowflake Lackey became so impatient and so upset that he could not control Chris Barnett’s free speech, he took the most unusual step of filing a motion, seeking relief not only for himself and his client The University of Tulsa, but asks the court to grant relief for itself and for bought and paid for Judge, Judge Terry Kern who has his name on a building at TU.  Any reputable Judge would do the right thing and recuse, but we see TU actually trying to keep Judge Kern on this case because they know the outcome if they do so.  This is the definition of corruption and when I write about it, Snowflake John Lackey takes major issues with it.

The Snowflake Lackey filed his… it’s almost like he had help from Pat Cremin and Johnathan Rogers, and as long as they believe they can hide behind Snowflake John Lackey for his filing, they believe they can continue to break the law and violate the civil rights of others and abuse the court process.  Pat and John must be working together with Snowflake Lackey.  John/Pat/Johnathan’s filings show that Chris is the common factor and they all have one goal in mind.   I also have a post from KTUL that must have been written by John as it does say John.
motion for emergency hearing



University of Tulsa Lawsuit files

More files

University of Tulsa Lawsuit Files 2


University of Tulsa Lawsuit 3

Winona Tanaka Collusion

Bully Tara Moses Racist

This is the best info yet.  This is the so called Decision Neo Fascist Senior Vice Provost Winona Tanaka reached.  It is flawed in so many ways.

Winona Tanaka Flawed

More flawed Winona Tanaka

TU’s student policies on procedures

TU Student Code 2

Student Stuff TU doesn’t follow

Machele Dill is a creep

This shows that The University of Tulsa received my e-mails and apparently Winona Tanaka and Hall Estill had contact with Tulsa Community College about me leasing space.  COLLUSION!!!  I call on The US Attorney’s Office to investigate and press criminal charges!  ENOUGH with the corruption!
TU , TCC & Hall Estill Collusion

Trey’s compliant against Susan Barrett

This is a great file because it shows that Trey asked for a hearing.  He was denied a hearing and due process by the all might Winona Tanaka.  The University of Tulsa has a problem on their hands but they seem to think this is okay.

Trey asks for hearing

Bill and Susan

Susan sent TCC info to Winona

More Crazy Machele

Chris Owns LOTS of GUNS legally, including AR-15’s.

Susan Barrett and more copies of her many versions of complaints she submitted.  She is indeed crazy.  Susan Barrett crazy

TU bullies Trey more

Hall Estill swatts Chris Barnett in conjunction with the Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office , calling in a false threat.  Here is the court transcript.  Let’s see Johnathan Rogers and J. Patrick Cremin prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  This took place in my lawsuit against Tulsa Community College for violating The Oklahoma Open Records Act.  With the files I obtained and published today, this shows a very strong, clear connection between The University of Tulsa, Tulsa Community College & The Hall Estill law firm.  The files from TCC need to come out NOW!!!  I once again urge The Oklahoma Attorney Generals Office to release the files and launch a criminal investigation into TCC, or refer the matter to the US Attorney’s office.  We have proof of corruption.  Mike Hunter, set an example and release the files and please make Jeb learn about the Oklahoma Open Records Act.  His filings and letters show he is clueless.  I have no law degree but I know a hell of a lot more about the OORA than he does and that is sad.
false arrest transcript TCC


more TU bs files

more tu bs files 2

more tu bs 3

Roger Blais wont talk to Trey about Racist Winona

Here laugh some more, she investigated herself and wrote a 22 page brief about it.  It’s so flawed.  Her facts have so many inaccuracies in them that it is funny.  It is sad that The University of Tulsa allows this woman to still do this to other students.  They see nothing wrong with it.  Winona also attacked a student named Jennifer Johnson who sought prayers on Facebook from her Church and she explained to them that she was having a hard time and being harassed by a TU professor and TU would do nothing about it.

Neo Facist final decision

Chris Barnett exercising his 2nd amendment right to own and bear arms!


Chris and Trey Barnett posing and Chris exercising his 2nd amendment right to bear arms. Chris is considering running for Governor in Oklahoma 2018 to help end the corruption that plagues our State.





Machele Dill, Creep University of Tulsa CUNT! That’s the only way to describe this NASTY WOMAN!!!

This shows how much of a liar Machele Dill is.  I have never ever been charged with unlawful entry or holding someone against their will.  This woman is insane.  Being that this is newly discovered evidence, I will be bringing suit against Machele Dill this week and Molly Dougherty.  Wow, if Winona just did the slightest investigation she would have found that this simply was not true.  It’s no wonder that they all claim they fear for their life.  Machele Dill lied and made them believe false information.  This was done because I exposed the affair and corruption of Machele Dill.  We need the US Attorney’s Office to investigate her for racketeering… to investigate TCC, The University of Tulsa, Susan Barrett, Machele Dill, Ed Dill, William Carter, Lauren Brookey, Leigh Goodson, Patrick Cremin, Johnathan Rogers, all attorneys at the Hall Estill Law Firm, John Lackey and anyone else associated with trying to cover up the wrong doings at TU.




Professor Cantrell’s publicly available address.

Proof that TU knew Tara Moses provided Alcohol to underage students and did NOTHING!!!  This is worse than anything being said on Facebook.










By offensive speech, we mean that we don’t want to the public to know the truth.




jeb letter he aint bright


The University of Tulsa’s latest lackey… pun intended… has a history of helping The University of Tulsa cover up their wrong doing.  Here is his address, obtained from Public Records.



Here is corrupt J. Patrick Cremin’s address

Here is Neo Fascist Susan Barrett’s home address


Here is Neo Fascist Machele Dill’s home address…


Big Mac Authority, KKK and Neo Nazi co-leader Johnathan Rogers Home Address


Neo Fascist Co-Leader Lauren Brookey’s Home Address


Tulsa Community College President Leigh Goodson’s home address.

Tulsa Community College Kelly Clark Fonkalsrud, bigot and homophobes, home address.


Home of Theresa L Reed